5 Quick Easy Ways to Conquer Your Work Week

It’s Sunday night (for me it’s Monday night because of Labor Day) and the work week ahead doesn’t look appealing. But instead of dreading Monday’s I’m sharing a few easy tips that will start your week off right.

They’re simple, take virtually little to no time, and allow you to head into the week with a decluttered mind. Incorporating these tips into your weekly routine will give you a sense of affirmation for the week.

  1. Set your alarm with intention

It’s easy to roll over and set your alarm for the next day because you HAVE to. After a relaxing weekend of sleeping in, the last thing I want to do it wake up at 5:30 am. Yes! 5:30 am! But I’ve been practicing heading into a new week with a positive outlook — so I set my alarm with intention. Instead of keeping the label “alarm” I filled it in with a positive message.

 2.  Log out of your Instagram before bed

We all dot it. The endless scroll is never ending. Especially when we’re supposed to be getting back on our grind. Social media is a huge part of our culture and I’m not ashamed of it. And like with anything else, you have to set a limit for yourself. Before bed I log out of my Instagram. Between getting in the groove of Monday & taking care of things, the day is almost over before I even log back in. One day off won’t kill you, I promise.

3. Review Your To-Do List

It’s easy to think you remember everything you need to do for the week but we’re human and things slip our minds. When I accomplish tasks I try to connect them day by day. So at the end of the week I’ve made a milestone in my goals. Not all tasks are fun but a to-do list is a simple to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.

  4. Grab a coffee on your way to work

The energy you put out is the energy you get back. If you want to have bad week, go ahead, complain. But I choose to have a positive outlook. I spend 15 minute before bed ironing clothes for the next day or prepping my work bag. This way I can grab a coffee on my way to work to give me an extra boost.

5. Meal prep your week

It’s all too easy to fall in the habit of buying for on lunch. But by just packing your lunch while cooking dinner, makes your day that more productive. When you’re on the couch doing nothing or scrolling on Instagram, get up & meal prep for 15-20 minutes. Save yourself some money & time this week.

What are your tips? Share in the comments below!

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