5 Tips For Properly Budgeting Your Next Trip

travel tipsEver wonder, how do people travel so much?

This was totally me a year ago. Traveling can seem very expensive and it is if you do not plan properly. Escaping away for a dreamy European summer vacation or a Hawaiian tropical getaway is on everyone’s wish-list. However, making it a reality financially is always the most challenging part. Get organized and start working on your budget early so you can make your dream a reality.

  1. Do your research

First things first, start researching your dream location early and work out how much its realistically going to cost you. For example flights, accommodations, transfers, average meal cost. Make sure you know what al goes into your dream trip. If you’ve always wanted to travel to Santorini, Greece (my personal dream) flights do not fly directly there. You have to take a boat to get to there.

TIP: Flights to Europe can be as cheap as $650 round trip if you book in advance & do major research.

  1. Set a budget

Traveling isn’t cheap, if it’s not planned right. Make sure you create a budget that works for you. Be realistically about your accommodations. Even culling your daily coffee for a month or so will help fund a few cocktails in Santorini! Remember when I shared our hotels in Paris? Both times were under $175/ night but I also recommend AirBnB or Home Away.

TIP: ask hotels if they offer an all inclusive package…especially when traveling to tropical resorts. They tend to be cheaper and more convenient. 

  1. Get organized

Get organized and book as much as you can in advance. Not only will everything get more expensive, the longer you wait to book. When possible, make sure you pre book all your A to B transfers, ferries, shuttles in advance as well – it will make your trip stress free and seamless. Plus most hotels off shuttle service to and from the airport.

  1. Give yourself a buffer

Life always throws some unexpected surprises into the mix when we travel – some good and some bad! Give yourself a buffer in a separate savings account for those moments as an emergency fund. Perfect example – on our way to Cancun, my finance’s luggage got lost (for the entire trip). Luckily, we have an emergency fund for those unexpected moments.

  1. Price-match

Before committing to an airline or hotel, shop around and see what else it out there. There’s nothing worse than booking a hotel just to see it cheaper on a different site (refer back to – DO YOUR RESEARCH)

TIP: Ask the hotel do they offer a AAA package for members. This will cut 15%-20% off your stay most times.

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  1. This list was right on time! I’m thinking about a surprise getaway for my Fiance’s 30th birthday and you made me realize I better get started planning sooner rather than later.

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